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Bruce Brodie

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Where Are We Going

Our nation is in an existential struggle pitting our democracy against the forces of autocracy. Some believe that our hybrid human nature is more compatible with a hierarchical society and autocratic rule than an egalitarian society and democratic rule. Bruce Brodie explores this hypothesis and argues in WHERE ARE WE GOING? that we must change our cultural environment if we are to suppress our tribal instincts and bring out the better angels of our human nature. We must reduce the economic and racial inequities that so divide our nation and we must restore the American Dream if we are to save our democracy.

Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here? takes us on a journey from the Big Bang to the origin and evolution of complex, intelligent life in a search for the meaning of human existence. How did chemistry come to life? How did the release of oxygen by cyanobacteria change the natural history of life? How did mass extinctions reset the clock and reshape the course of biological evolution? Why are we Homo sapiens so dominant? We share over 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees, yet we build vast civilizations, while chimps are confined to forests and sadly to experimental laboratories and zoos. How come? How will cultural and technological evolution, which have now transcended biological evolution, shape the future of life on our planet? Can we escape the many existential threats that hover over us? Bruce Brodie takes us on an educational and deeply fascinating journey that will give us new perspectives about how we think about our world, our place and purpose in the cosmos, and the future of humanity.

“The book is both informational and highly engaging, in the tradition of Bill Bryson’s A Brief History of Nearly Everything and works equally well for pleasure reading and as a substitute for a science textbook. Brodie has a gift for pithy phrases (“We humans require hierarchy but yearn for our egalitarian heritage”) that render the text deceptively simple while making it a joy to read..."

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